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A Fine Sense of Honor: At War With the Men of the 504th Parachute Infantry From Sicily to the Fall of Germany

In the spring of 1943, the USS George Washington steamed out to sea carrying America’s most precious cargo: its youth. Out of farm fields and cities, dockyards and capitals a formidable fighting force was born and forged. They left their nation bordered by oceans to fight a disciplined, entrenched and combat-experienced army. They leapt from the sky to face the German on the isle of Sicily, the mountains of Italy and plains of Anzio, the fields of Holland and the frozen forests of the Belgian Bulge. This is their story.


First Edition (1996). A massive study encompassing all the known plates from the Revolutionary War through the Spanish-American conflict. This sweeping and handsomely presented study covers 1776 through 1910. Over 1,025 specimens are illustrated front and back, along with many period images of soldiers wearing various plates.


Acworth: Heritage, History, Hauntings:  This book explores Acworth’s history as documented in newspaper accounts, internet searches and ‘urban legends and folklore’ as told and passed down orally and informally. Jim also conducts the Acworth Ghost Tours and many of the book’s stories are included in the tour.


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In 2006, Ben S. Bernanke was appointed chair of the Federal Reserve, the unexpected apex of a personal journey from small-town South Carolina to prestigious academic appointments and finally public service in Washington’s halls of power.

There would be no time to celebrate.

The bursting of a housing bubble in 2007 exposed the hidden vulnerabilities of the global financial system, bringing it to the brink of meltdown. From the implosion of the investment bank Bear Stearns to the unprecedented bailout of insurance giant AIG, efforts to arrest the financial contagion consumed Bernanke and his team at the Fed. Around the clock, they fought the crisis with every tool at their disposal to keep the United States and world economies afloat.

Working with two U.S. presidents, and under fire from a fractious Congress and a public incensed by behavior on Wall Street, the Fed―alongside colleagues in the Treasury Department―successfully stabilized a teetering financial system. With creativity and decisiveness, they prevented an economic collapse of unimaginable scale and went on to craft the unorthodox programs that would help revive the U.S. economy and become the model for other countries.

Rich with detail of the decision-making process in Washington and indelible portraits of the major players, The Courage to Act recounts and explains the worst financial crisis and economic slump in America since the Great Depression, providing an insider’s account of the policy response.

16 pages of photographs


In Dreaming the Council Ways, Ohky Simine Forest shares her infinite vision of bridging the gap between peoples, and restoring the earth to its majesty. Sharing information on power animal guides, dreaming, medicine wheels, and other teachings of the Native American Red Lodge, she attempts to find a common denominator among peoples, and reveal a larger perspective of our spiritual paths, beyond the divisions that pervade our societies.


Go behind the scenes of HBO’s global television phenomenon with Game of Thrones: The Storyboards—an official collection featuring striking storyboard art.

The official collection of behind the scenes storyboard art from HBO’s landmark TV show Game of Thrones. Learn how lead storyboard artist William Simpson helped the show creators envision some of Westeros’s most iconic characters, locations, and events, such as the White Walkers, the Three Eyed Raven, and the epic ascent of the Wall.