May Book Signings

BB Prescott will be signing his novel “AURONA” on SATURDAY May 11th from 1 to 5 PM. After a boy and his grandfather discover an alien outpost in the jungles of New Guinea, Aurona’s great puzzle unfolds. AURONA is stunningly visual, rich with detailed illustrations and a quickly developing, suspenseful storyline. A technological feast, it feeds the universal human quest for the New and Different. It’s a guaranteed clean read for all ages, full of action and adventure! Rebecca Marsh will be signing her book “When the Storm Ends” on SATURDAY May 18th from 1 to 5 PM. Beth became a child psychologist so she could help children who are broken and hurting, but Erin, the fifteen-year-old who killed her father, is different- she’s sure that something terrible was done to this girl. The clock is ticking toward Erin’s trial, and Beth is out of options. In revealing the truth about Erin, a connection between them will shake Beth to the core