Americans Knocking at Freedom’s Door (Paperback) by Bernie Lee (Yoder) Smith-DeBoe


Americans pursue life and liberty through their religious freedom, economic well-being, and self-governance that includes a basic understanding of the constitutional principles provided by our founding fathers. Hopefully, our pursuit of life and liberty also includes a curiosity to explore our rich and diverse history.

Americans Knocking at Freedom’s Door is a uniquely American heritage of religious freedoms and government of and by the people. The author, Bernie Lee “Yoder” Smith-DeBoe, presents a conversational discussion and a historical exploration of our Christian roots. This book begins with Noah’s ark and continues with the ancient tribes, the Middle Ages, religious wars, American DNA, and why the early settlers came to America. Our knowledge of American history generally includes our founding fathers, the Civil War, and more contemporary wars; however, this tells us very little about our early settlers, their challenges, and their background as people of religious faith. 

This book offers some historical background and stories about those who established and helped the United States to grow and flourish. It reminds us that we are Americans. We stand together as Americans, and we need to come together as Americans

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