America’s Elite 1000: The Ultimate List (Hardcover) by Trevor White


America’s Elite 1000 – The Ultimate List is a unique, insider’s guide to the finest that America has to offer. Informed, succinct and highly pertinent, it has been compiled with the help and advice of distinguished contributors, celebrities and wealthy individuals who were selected for their unique local knowledge and excellent local contacts.

The book embraces virtually every activity of interest to the sophisticated and discerning reader. We nominate, for instance, the right picture dealers to patronize, the best interior designers to commission and the firms that supply the best butlers, valets and nannies, as well as the smartest golf clubs, the top lawyers and the most capable party organizers. Not only do we tell you which are the best hotels and the smartest restaurants, we give you inside information on the most beautiful rooms to stay in, the special dishes to order and the best wines to drink.

America’s Elite 1000 is the definitive guide to the best of American life and style.

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