Bay of Pigs, The Untold Story by Peter Wyden


BAY OF PIGS: The Untold Story¬†by Peter Wyden. Very Good++ First Edition unstated, full-number line hardcover, 1979.¬†First complete, detailed, authentic account of the unsuccessful and embarrassing American military invasion of Cuba and the attempt by an Eisenhower administration-sanctioned, CIA-sponsored, Mafia-aided paramilitary group to overthrow the left-wing government of Prime Minister Fidel Castro, a socialist administration with ties to the Soviet Union. Launched from Guatemala, the invading force of over 1400 Cuban counter-revolutionary troops was defeated in only 3 days by the Cuban armed forces, under the direct command of Castro. Strengthening Castro’s position, the defeat was celebrated across much of Latin America as evidence of the fallibility of US Imperialism. The whole story, from the earliest plans and discussions in the most secret sections of the CIA, to the mounting of an immense covert military operation and the hour-by-hour agony of President John F. Kennedy and his advisers as they realize that the landings will fail. The true record of the conversations, decisions, individual acts of heroism, mistakes, and tragic misunderstandings that led to one of the most notorious and public failures of American power. Drawn from previously secret documents and extensive interviews with major participants, including Fidel Castro.

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