Bodyguard of Lies The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day Anthony Cave Brown


In this classic, definitive history, the author provides a pitch-perfect account of the biggest and most complicated intelligence operation in the history of war. Anthony Cave Brown presents a large and fascinating cast of heroes and rogues and sweeps through dozens of dramatic stories of plot and counterplot, stealth and treachery, lies and deceits. We learn the full story behind Churchill’s agonizing decision not to warn the city of Coventry that it was about to be destroyed, and the deadly cat-and-mouse gaes between the allied agents of France and the Gestapo, the near fiasco of Montgomery’s “double”, who could not be kept sober, and the heroic but doomed efforts of the anti-Hitler German underground to eliminate the Fuehrer – including the role of the chief of the German intelligence service in passing secrets over to the British. These and many more explosive stories of code-breakers and deceivers, of plots and ruses at the highest and lowest levels, make up the tapestry of this monumental book.

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