BRAZIL by Fulvio Roiter (Hardcover)


The Atlantic Forest extends along the coast from Paraiba to Santa Caterina. Dense and luxuriant vegetation flourishes there because of the intense humidity and high temperatures, growing on the steep slopes of an almost continuous escarpment which attains an average height of 800-1000 meters and falls away towards the sea. The result is a green strip which runs down the east coast, seldom exceeding 200 kilometers in width even where the forest in the interior skirts the rivers that rise in the central plateau. The warmth accumulated in the ground, variations in altitude and the consequent differences in temperature foster the growth of countless botanical species. Infinitely diverse and representative of almost every known species of tree, the foliage of this forest forms an impenetrable barrier. Standing out against this dark carpet of concentrated greenery are the silver leaves of the embauba. 

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