A Bullet for Lincoln by Benjamin King


Benjamin King puts a new twist on the old
mystery of Lincoln’s death. Deep within the plot is the manipulative and
corrosive character Anderson. The same man who outwitted the Confederates in
King’s first novel, A Bullet for Stonewall , is back to execute
the most history-altering plan of his career. King has done extensive research
on the assassination as well as the years that followed. In his work, he looked
at how political plans changed following Lincoln’s death. The guiding factor of
his sleuthing was to determine who seemed to benefit from the aftermath. And
thus he found the premise for this, his second novel.
A group of young Wall Street entrepreneurs, including soon-to-be-tycoon J.
P. Morgan, analyze the impact of the end of the war. They are angered by
Lincoln’s plan to invest in rebuilding the South. They search for a way to
guarantee that the government will, instead, invest in their economic interests
in the West. That search leads them to Anderson, the assassin with a money-back
Under numerous guises, he begins to assemble a plot to frame the South for
the death of the president. Befriending Booth, Anderson inspires the actor to
take control of his Southern sympathies and put actions behind his feelings.
Meanwhile, he also infiltrates a Confederate spy ring, adding more names to the
list of scapegoats he will leave behind.
Relying heavily on historical accuracies, A Bullet for Lincoln
minimizes its fictional medium, making Anderson and his task highly believable.
The pressure of a federal agent closing in for his own kill heightens the
challenge and suspense for Anderson. He faces unparalleled dangers as he tries
to maintain his secret identity and still pull off the greatest coup in the
nation’s history.

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