CARLOS OTERO [Spanish]. Hardcover – 1978 by Jose. Ratto-Ciarlo


See photos. Book is good with tight binding and no marks, but does have considerable fading spots on dust jacket and outer pages.

As César Rengifo points out in the preface “this book”, where the graphic testimony, with breadth and coherence, of the work of Carlos Otero,
as well as his testimony on how much he had to see and live, constitutes an extremely valuable contribution to increase the knowledge and
dissemination of Venezuelan plastic work during the decades of the twentieth century. Plastic in which the work executed in his long and
fecund life by this exemplary master is inserted with singular importance. Faithful to his journalistic vocation, Ratto-Ciarlo composes a
work of special interlocutive vivacity – often it is the artist who speaks – and testimonial be it by the transcription of letters, decrees
and fragments of books related to Otero, either through unpublished aspects and meticulous, of that “petite histoire” that when it is well used,
as in this case, both helps to better understand an artist

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