Civil War Guns by William B. Edwards


1982, reprint, Castle Publishing, hardback, dj, illustrated, 444 pages
Bursting like a bombshell from the guns of the monitors at Fort Fisher, this great new book of 1962 contains the full story of the guns of 1862 and the other Civil War years.  Five years in the researching, this massive volume pictures, describes, and records the exciting and sometimes romantic history of forging weapons of war and the heroism of the men who used them.
Contents – Old Brown pulls a raid; The militiamen; Ordnance-industry: mismatched team; The rifle, the primer, the ball; Models perfected; Rifle muskets: civil war scandals; In justice to justice; Millions for muskets; Caleb Huse incurs some debts; Breechloaders of Chicopee; Federal carbines; Fremont Arms the western army; The dreaded horizontal shot tower; That damn yankee rifle; Remington: prelude to conflict; Vulcan’s hammers at Ilion’s forge; The Starr arises; Manhattan firearms goes to war; Sharpshooters; Machine guns – masterworks or monstrosities; Enfield: the north’s second rifle; Continental Arms; Yankee revolvers; The rifles of Christian Sharps; Colt’s goes to war; From Tredegar to Wilson’s Creek; Long arms for Lee; Sidearms for Southrons; “Sans guarantie du Gouvernment”; Texas fights alone; The Southern Armories and Superintendent Burton; The Southern pistol – the Derringer; What happened to the guns, post war; What’s on Bannerman Island; The rage for replicas; The war was for real.


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