Classic World War II Aircraft Cutaways by Bill Gunston


Bill Gunston is a Londoner. At the end of World War 2 he was a flying instructor in the RAF, and as such flew many of the aircraft featured in this volume, including several of the Axis types. In 1951, via what is today’s London City University, he joined the editorial staff of Flight International, and in April 1955 was appointed Technical Editor. Here, he worked closely with the artistic genius of Max Millar, Arthur Bowbeer and Frank Munger, and gained a privileged view of just how the great technical ‘heart’ of the magazine ticked. Bill was later promoted to other duties in what had become International Publishing Corporation (IPC), but decided to leave on the last day of 1970 in order to pursue a career as a freelance writer. The rest is history!

Established in the early days of aviation, Flight and The Aeroplane were considered essential reading for all aviation enthusiasts of the period, Aeroplane Monthly, the latter’s successor, is today viewed in a similar vein. All three publications have set exacting standards for technical drawings over the years. Many of these fine cutaways, featuring virtually every major combat type, are being republished here after years in the archives. All the major Allied and Axis combat types of World War II are covered in this period work, and the cutaways are accompanied by the best photography from the huge Aeroplane picture archive, individual specifications, and a potted history of each type and of the cutaway artists themselves by aviation historian Bill Gunston.