CO. “Aytch”, The First Tennessee Regiment Or A Side Show to the Big Show by Sam Watkins


Brand New Book. Read this classic memoir from the American Civil War, complete with images and other perspectives, for an enriching, unforgettable experience.This is the most famous and best-selling memoir of the American Civil War, now fully illustrated for the first time.Samuel Watkins faithfully served throughout the duration of the Civil War. Of the 120 men who enlisted in Company H in 1861, Sam Watkins was one of only seven alive when General Joseph E. Johnston s Army of Tennessee surrendered to General William Tecumseh Sherman in North Carolina in April 1865. Of the 3,200 men who fought in the First Tennessee, only 65 were left to be paroled on that day.Soon after the war ended, Watkins began writing his memoir, entitled Co. Aytch : The First Tennessee Regiment or a Side Show of the Big Show, which is heralded by many historians as one of the best war memoirs written by a common soldier of the field. Sam s writing style is quite engaging and skillfully captures the pride, misery, glory, and horror experienced by the common foot soldier.This beautifully illustrated edition of Co. Aytch includes writings from great Civil War generals, such as James Longstreet and William T. Sherman, as well as some of today s best contemporary historians, such as Doris Kearns Goodwin, James M. McPherson, Allan Nevins, and Bruce Catton, all of whom won the Pulitzer Prize for history. It is also richly illustrated with photos and illustrations from the Library of Congress, the George Eastman House, the National Parks Service, many of the country s major Civil War collections, and the National War College.

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