The Congressional Medal of Honor, The Names, The Deeds, Sharp & Dunnigan


1st Edition. Complete title: The Congressional Medal of Honor – The Names The Deeds – Complete – Civil War Through Vietnam. Contents: Dedication and Order of Precedence of Military Decorations, Acknowledgements, Contents, Preface, Part I – Historical Background, Part II – Citations of Awards of The Medal of Honor by War, Campaign, Conflict or Era: Vietnam, Korea, World War II, Medals of Honor Awarded to Unknowns, Interim 1920 to 1940, Second Nicaraguan Campaign, Haitian Campaign, World War I, Dominican Campaign, Interim 1915 to 1916, Mexican Campaign, Action Against Outlaws (Philippines 1911), Interim 1901 to 1910, China Relief Expedition (Boxer rebellion), Philippine Insurrection, War With Spain, Interim 1871 to 1898, Korean Campaign 1871, Interim 1866 to 1870, Indian Campaigns, Civil War, Part III – Number of Medals of Honor Awarded by Wars and Campaigns and Awards Made By Special Legislation, Part IV – Medal of Honor Recipients by State of Entry Into Service, Part V – Foreign Born Recipients, Part VI – Documentary Background, Part VII – Medal of Honor Alphabetical Index. Very heavy book