How To Cook Like A Southerner by Johnnie Gabriel (SIGNED)


In the South, we know food is about more than just eating. It’s about spending time with loved ones, making memories, and preserving tradition. From grandmother’s cornbread to the church potluck, food connects us to our past, all the while inviting us to savor the present. Johnnie Gabriel has been cooking like a Southerner and dishing up hospitality for as long as she can remember, most recently as owner of the popular Gabriel’s bakery and restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. Here Johnnie offers more than one hundred of her collected recipes, along with tips, step-by-step photographs, and heart-warming anecdotes about people and places that nourish her. The old favorites are included, along with some “New Southern” dishes Johnnie has come to treasure. How to Cook Like a Southerner is more than a cookbook. It’s a long overdue visit with a friend who not only knows how to cook, but also has the patience and graciousness to share what she knows-Southern style. Book jacket.

Johnnie Gabriel knows a thing or two about cooking for Southerners. The author of two cookbooks, Cooking in the South and Second Helpings, does it every day at Gabriel’s, her restaurant and bakery in Marietta, Georgia.

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