Fightin’ with Forrest by Charles Gordon Yeager


General Nathan Bedford Forrest was among the South’s greatest heroes of the Civil War. His personal heroism was matched only by his untaught tactical genius. For him, war was summed up by the statement, “War means fightin’, an’ fightin’ means killin’.” In this historical novel, two young Alabamians, Randy Rushton and Buck McCord, go to war and serve with Forrest in Tennessee, witnessing the battles of Fort Pillow and Nashville, and the bloody fight at Shiloh.

Fightin’ with Forrest combines the excitement and drama of a novel with the detailed research of a work of military history. Civil War and military history enthusiasts will be fascinated by the accurate recreations of battles, while general readers will be enthralled by the fascinating, complex character of General Forrest.

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