Foods of Sicily & Sardinia and the Smaller Islands, Hardcover by Giuliano Bugialli


Giuliano Bugialli, one of the world’s leading Italian food authorities, has turned his attention to these magical places where the food is varied and unlike what is found in any other Italian region. The choices range from the seafood of the rocky coasts to the rich meats from inland, and the fabulous herbs and vegetables, cheeses, breads and desserts that are everywhere. Geography and history are responsible for such exotic accents as saffron– Sicily’s is the finest in the world– and almonds, jasmine and honey.

Here, then, are recipes for lamb cooked with saffron and artichokes, sweet peas with mint, calamari stuffed with pasta, tuna in a vinegar sauce, and gelato scented with jasmine. Bugialli also offers photo essays on Palermo’s tumultuous Vucciria, one of the world’s outstanding food markets; local festivals; tuna fishing off the coast of Sicily; and the baking of the ancient bread called carta da musica.

The glorious photography was made on location, with ancient ruins, fishing boats, rugged landscapes, cathedrals, village streets and bustling markets providing the settings for the food. The photographer, John Dominis, also collaborated with the author on the hugely successful Foods of Italy, Foods of Tuscany and Bugialli on Pasta.

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