Great Rivers Of The World Hardcover – 2006 by Paolo Pnovaresio.


Rivers never die, not even in the deserts: they may fade away temporarily, but are always resuscitated by the first rainfall, as is the case with the Okavango and the wadis in the Sahara Desert. The courses of the great rivers- impetuous, placid, and  often capricious- narrate the history of the Earth and of Man. All civilizations and great cities, from Babylon to New York, were born along rivers and thanks to rivers. Rivers have been the cradle of kingdoms and empires and trade routes: they are also corridors of migration for peoples and armies. But they have also been impassable barriers, boundaries between different worlds. Since they bestow life and death they have always been considered sacred- as father, dragons, the abode of spirits and gods, entities to be venerated. At least, this was so in the past. Nowadays most rivers are blocked by dams and forcibly channeled into artificial basins, and the very destiny of humanity is linked to their present uncertain courses. 

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