Growing Better, Not Just Older by Suzy Allegra (AUTOGRAPHED, PAPERBACK)



Why do some people simply grow old, while others age with style? Learn the secret to reconnecting with a sense of wonder and turn your own aging process into an adventure with help from Suzy Allegra’s HOW TO BE AGELESS. Packed with inspirational quotes, goal-oriented exercises, and sensible guidance, HOW TO BE AGELESS offers strategies for approaching your golden years with vitality and grace. Based on lessons gleaned from personal experience and the wisdom of experts, Allegra teaches us to conquer aging hang-ups, shed self-defeating attitudes, and focus on living in a purposeful way. If you’re struggling with aging issues or simply want to lead a more healthy and fulfilling life, HOW TO BE AGELESS will empower you with a new sense of carpe diem.

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