Hallelujah: The Story of a Musical Genius & the City That Brought His Masterpiece To Life by Jonathan Bardon (Hardcover)


18 November, 1741. George Frederic Handel, one of the world’s greatest composers, arrives in Dublin – the second city of the Empire – to prepare his masterpiece Messiah for its maiden performance the following spring. Bringing to life an unforgettable cast of characters, Hallelujah provides a panoramic view of a city in flux – at once struggling to contain the chaos unleashed by the catastrophic famine of the preceding year while striving to become a vibrant center of European culture and commerce. Brimming with drama, curiosity, and intrigue, Hallelujah tells of how one charitable performance wove itself into the fabric of a major city, changing the course of musical history and the lives of those who called Dublin home.

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