Israeli Special Forces (Military Power) Paperback – February, 1993 by Samuel M. Katz (Author)


First ever detailed look at the elite commando, counterterrorist, antiterrorist, and recon units that form the preemptive first line of defense for the surrounded and outnumbered Jewish State. Included are the Winged Snakes of Sayeret Tzanhanim (paratroop recon commandos), the Batmen of Ha’Kommando Ha’Yami (naval commandos), the Flying Tigers of Sayeret Golani (Golani Brigade recon commmandos), Samson’s Foxes of Sayeret Giva’ati (Giva’ati Brigade recon commandos), the Druze and Bedouin trackers and commandos of Sayeret Ha’Druzim and Sayeret Ha’Beduim, and the counterterrorists of Sayeret Mat’Kal (General Staff Recon), Y’Ma”M (Police Special Antiterrorist unit): and the Mista’aravim (IDF commandos who masquerade as Arabs). 

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