Lincoln in 3-D by Bob Zeller and John J. Richter


A collection of stereo photographs of the Lincoln presidency, this book comes with two pairs of 3-D glasses & is culled from the extensive collection of 3-D negatives at the Library of Congress.

Publishing just ahead of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Lincoln in 3-D offers a breathtaking tour of Abraham Lincoln’s life and presidency. In this beautiful book, over 180 stereo photographs come alive and readers wearing the enclosed 3-D glasses will feel as if they can step into the Lincoln presidency. Civil War photography experts Bob Zeller and John J. Richter have exploited the full potential of the Library of Congress’s remarkable 3-D negative collection, while also tapping into exclusive private collections for rare images, some never previously published. With a prologue by renowned Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer, Lincoln in 3-D provides a unique window into a time long past.

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