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Luis Alfredo López Méndez

He was born in Caracas on November 23, 1901. At the age of eleven, he is enrolled in the National Academy of Fine Arts, just when the Fine Arts Circle is going to be established. Attracted by the motivations of the group, López Méndez becomes the “Benjamín del Círculo”. Experience that will allow him authority to write the book El Círculo de Bellas Artes , Editions of the newspaper El Nacional, 1977. From its earliest days it is dedicated to landscape, receiving valuable advice from Mützner and Boggio. He made his first solo exhibition at the School of Music and Declamation, 1919; and immediately, for political reasons, he is forced to leave the country, starting a pilgrimage through Puerto Rico, New York, Mexico, Havana, Paris and Spain. He works as a worker, fashion designer, decorator and gallerist, alternating with pictorial studies. At the end of the long gomecista regime, he returned to Venezuela and joined the intellectual and cultural life of the country. He was a professor at the School of Plastic Arts and Applied Arts of Caracas, Director of Culture and Fine Arts of the Ministry of Education and twice director of the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas (1939/1943 and 1946/1948, respectively). He founded Galería Greco, the first commercial gallery space dedicated to the promotion of Venezuelan painting. He was deputy to the National Congress and vice president of the Chamber of Deputies. Main individual exhibitions: MBA, 1953, 1955; Sala Mendoza, 1961, 1965; Gallery of Modern Art, 1963; Art Center Alejandro Freites, 1978, 1981. Anthological exhibition of his work was made in the GAN, 1981. Among the rewards received deserve mention the National Painting Prize, 1943; Antonio Herrera Toro Award, 1957;


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