Mission Memoirs: A Collection of Photographs, Sketches & Reflections of California’s Past (Hardcover) by Terry Ruscin


Mission Memoirs by award winning designer Terry Ruscin, is the only current book that covers and illustrates all of the California missions, the four asistencias, and the presidios associated with the missions. Additionally, some of the historic estancias (mission ranch outposts) are covered. This photographic essay features photography that focuses to a large extent on the way the missions used to be, free of modern obstructions. First-time photographs of restricted areas, sketches, and watercolors point out previously overlooked details. The text weaves together keen personal observation with an abundance of historical facts and information, based on years of extensive research and interviews. This book offers a balanced view of native Californians and mission fathers. The author has written, photographed, illustrated, and designed Mission Memoirs.

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