Model a Ford Restoration Handbook : Authentic Photos, Specifications, Step-by-step Restoration Procedure Paperback – 1973 by Gordon E. Hopper


The Model A Ford, one of the largest successes of the Ford Motor Company, improved upon the style and engineering of the humble Model T and continues to captivate car enthusiasts everywhere. If you are restoring a Model A Ford, this book will guide you through every step of the way. Model A Ford Restoration Handbook provides essential information that you need before you actually start doing any work, including instruction on how you can obtain the car you want. This budget-savvy handbook demystifies the restoration process and explains the step-by-step details of: Disassembly Engine overhaul and installation Restoration of the transmission and differential Rumble seat repair Body repair and reassembly Roof replacement Hydraulic brake valve installation Mechanical brake system maintenance Rewiring the electrical system Reupholstering, refinishing, and much more! Originally published in 1966, Model A Ford Restoration Handbook features 42 photos and 64 illustrations, and it covers the specifications on model data for different systems, colors, and trims. This classic handbook will help you get your Model A in the show or on the road.

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