The Modelmaker’s Handbook by Albert Jackson and David Day


Here’s a book that tells you – and shows you vividly – just how to plan a model railway and wire it; design and assemble a diorama; build and fly a gas-powered airplane; mount and operate a model steam engine; camouflage a tank; apply a mirror finish to a model car; customize a kit model; cut a wing out of plastic foam; read complicated plans; set up a modeler’s workshop; and master literally hundreds of other tricks and techniques that go into making and running all kinds of models, whether built from kits or from scratch. THE MODELMAKER’S HANDBOOK is a complete guide, equally useful to the specialist modelmaker already knowledgeable in some particular field and to the beginner trying his hand for the first time. With a wonderful abundance of photographs and detailed drawings, plus reference tables, it presents basic instructions and advanced tips for making boats, planes, tanks, trains, and other vehicles….landscape settings and dioramas….powered and remote-controlled models….and more. There are techniques for working with a wide variety of materials, from plaster and papier-mâché to sheet aluminum, from pine to plastic, plus illustrated advice on tools. You can find out how to build a convincing miniature battlefield (including shell craters) or a radio-control racing car, how to dress a miniature Japanese knight or add authentic details to a Napoleonic dragoon, how to construct a model railway layout, complete with buildings – even ruined buildings! It’s all here, set forth in words and pictures a novice can understand. Written by two men whose own side experience in modelmaking and other crafts shines from every page, THE MODELMAKER’S HANDBOOK is uniquely informed and comprehensive. This works as a book for reference, for browsing, for creative inspiration, or for instruction. Albert Jackson and David Day are the authors of TOOLS AND HOW TO USE THEM, as well as several other books on crafts and home repair.