The New Weapons of the World Encyclopedia: An International Encyclopedia from 5000 B.C. to the 21st Century Paperback – August 21, 2007 by Diagram Group


Weapons is one of the bestselling books on armament ever published. This definitive guide covers the entire history of weapons, from the earliest, most primitive instruments up to remarkable advances in modern defense and warfare. The new edition includes weapons used in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Israel-Lebanon conflict, such as:

· Improvised Explosive Devices
· Blackout bombs
· Unmanned aerial vehicles
· TV guided bombs
· Current Small Arms
· Electric Stun Guns
· And more!

Comprehensively illustrated, with hundreds of color diagrams, charts, photographs and much more, Weapons is the encyclopedia of virtually every arsenal ever invented. This guide will appeal to warfare fans, military and history buffs and any reader interested in the invention, development and use of weapons over the course of human history.

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