Normandy 75 Years Later by Dennis Klein


In Normandy, 75 Years Later, Klein takes readers on a photographic journey through modern-day Normandy and the historical remnants left behind from one of the most infamous times in history. From bomb craters to German bunkers, Dennis’s photos will reveal scars of the past. Gravestones of fallen soldiers in cemeteries throughout the region are perpetual reminders of the lives that ended too soon. But while the gunfire of the Nazi soldiers and Allied Forces once scarred the earth, the beaches and hamlets have now returned to their original serenity. Poignant in its accurate retelling of the invasion of Normandy, Normandy, 75 Years Later offers readers invaluable insight into the history and beauty of Normandy, France, on the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day. He hopes that, in flipping through each page, readers will realize that time truly does heal all wounds.

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