Peleliu: Tragic Triumph: The Untold Story of the Pacific War’s Forgotten Battle Hardcover – July 20, 1991 by Bill D. Ross


Bill D. Ross saw action at Iwo Jima as a twenty-three year old Marine Corps combat correspondent. After the war he volunteered for additional duty with the 1st Marine Division in North China, and in 1946 joined the Washington staff of Associated Press. In 1950 Mr. Ross went to Korea as an AP correspondent and landed with the first wave of Marines at Inchon. His first book, Iwo Jima: Legacy of Valor, appeared in 1985 and was widely and enthusiastically reviewed. At present, Mr. Ross is engaged in a number of projects, among them books coving the invasions of New Britain and Iwo Jima for a new series to be published by the Marine Corps Historical Center.