Providence, Son of the North, Citizen of the South by Connie M. Cox & Darlene M. Walsh


Hundreds of century-old letters, bundled and neatly tied with blue ribbons, came to light in the 1990’s during the estate settlement of Tranquilla, one of Marietta, Georgia’s finest antebellum properties. The treasure trove of correspondence and photographs documents the life and times of a northern gentleman who adopted the south as his home, stood with her during the turbulent years of the Civil War, and never wavered in his affection and concern for his family in ¬†Sackets Harbor, New York.¬†

The letters deliver to the reader what the textbooks do not. They present a personal firsthand account of not only major events that altered the course of history, but also the daily life experiences of ordinary people as Georgia and the nation moved from an antebellum society to the advent of a new century. 

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