Red Bull’s War Party- Framed Print by Frank C. McCarthy


A band of Sioux warriors, led by Chief Red Bull, rides against their old enemy, the Crow. They travel the dry plain, sure of the battle’s outcome. Red Bull wears the horns of Tah-keen-cha-Sanal (little pale deer), the North American pronghorn, to give him the speed and agility he will need to lead the battle. The lightning flashes painted on the  horses necks will give them speed, their eye rings will make their sight sharper. 

Each warrior carriers a shield of shrunken buffalo hide, which is thick and tough enough to withstand most arrows and lances. Decorating the shields are scalps each has taken and each Indian’s medicine. On Red Bull’s shield is the effigy of a red bull, his personal totem. The shields, when not in use, were placed on a tripod out the rear or west side of the lodge to protect their owner against attack or evil spirits approaching on his blind side. 

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