The Reformation, The Story of Civilization by Will Durant


An engrossing volume on the European Reformation by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Will Durant

The sixth volume of Durant’s acclaimed Story of Civilization, ” The Reformation” chronicles the history of European civilization from 1300 to 1564. In this masterful work, listeners will encounter:

-the schism within the Roman Catholic Church and the formation of early Protestantism;
-the theology of Martin Luther and his societal impact;
-the rise of Humanism and the life of Desiderius Erasmus;
-the royal monarchies of England, France, Spain, and Italy;
-the imperial conquests of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of the Americas;
-the Bohemian revolution of Eastern Europe, the unification of Russia, and the rise of the Ottoman Empire;
-the teachings of John Calvin; and
-the Counter-Reformation of the sixteenth century.

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