Sacred Fireplace : Life and Teachings of a Lakota Medicine Man by Pete S.Catches


This is a beautifully presented exploration of the Oglala Lakotans’ culture and spiritual beliefs as movingly related by the late, revered medicine man Pete S. Catches Sr. (Petaga Yuha Mani) and his son, Peter V. Catches Jr. (Zintkala Oyate) of the South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation. The two men focus on the deep importance of understanding and living traditional Lakotan values in the face of (mostly white) men’s aggressions and controls. Likewise, telling stories about their lives, sacred rites, and ceremonies, they eloquently and informatively reveal Lakotans’ close and respectful relationships with one another, their surroundings, and their deity. Highly recommended for academics and professionals as well as for the general public.

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