Sniping: An Illustrated History Hardcover – May 5, 2009 by Mark Spicer & Pat Farey


Although, even before firearms were available, soldiers such as archers were specially trained as elite marksmen, the focus of this book is on the history of sniping, mainly from distance, using firearms.

The authors relate the fascinating and somewhat dark history of sniping and snipers through the ages, mainly military but also with some reference to police sniping (perhaps best called marksmanship). They cover sniping during all major conflicts involving all major forces during the period from America’s Revolutionary War to the conflicts in the Middle East today. Each chapter features individual incidents throughout the world during the appropriate conflict and assesses the equipment and tactics deployed, citing famous as well as lesser-known anecdotes.

Sniping further describes various camouflage schemes and concealment techniques developed through the ages, the continually evolving sniper skills, weapons, and other special equipment, and the increasing use of sniping by regular and terrorist forces, particularly against vulnerable military hardware and civilian transportation systems. Full coverage is given to the heavy caliber sniper weapons of the twenty-first century such as the Barrett .50 caliber rifle and their impact on the battlefield.

The highly readable text is stunningly illustrated with hundreds of photographs and diagrams.

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