The Willow’s Bend By David Trawinski


In the fictional novel, “The Willow’s Bend” by David Trawinski, the suspicious death of an Aerospace Executive, Ted Barber, rocks the Defense giant, Global Defense Analytics. In an attempt to quickly investigate, the firm calls on retired CIA operative, Stanley Wisniewski. Time is of the essence, as the firm is days away from naming Langston Powell, the last person seen with Barber, as their next CEO. Stanley Wisniewski, with demons of his own, is haunted by the three deathbed promises he made some forty years ago to his father, a survivor of the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp. Activating his old European network, he reunites with the mysterious Jean Paul. Together they begin to unravel this complex story of Good vs. Evil, and the weak suffering at the hands of the strong. New book; autographed by author. Published by Outskirts Press, Inc.; Copyright 2016.

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