U.S. Air Force Special Ops (Military Power) (Paperback) by Fred J. Pushies


Before the frogmen of the Navy SEALs fast-roped in, this team may have been there, marking the area with infra-beacons. Before the U.S. Army Rangers ever executed an air drop on a drop zone, this team might have been there for days. Who are these men? They are the warriors of the Air Force Special Operations Command. Their gunships and special mission aircraft insert, supply, and support special forces. They do what they have to, whatever the mission. They are Air Force with an attitude, and this is their story.U. S. Air Force Special Ops is a rare inside look at a force that prizes its anonymity, often taking the part of the unsung heroes in critical covert operations.

The book ranges from their early roots and operational history to todays intense training program, covering new squadrons geared to the war on terror; from their arsenal of weapons and equipment to their sophisticated aircraft, like the AC-130U “Spectre” gunships bristling with 25mm chaingun, 40mm Bofors and 105mm howitzer cannon and the correspondingly lethal MH-53 Pave Low helicopter.

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