War of the Nocturne’s Widow By David Trawinski


“War of the Nocturne’s Widow” by David Trawinski is the conclusion of the Chopin Trilogy begun with “The Willow’s Bend” and continued in “Chasing The Winter’s Wind.” This intriguing historical fiction deals with a conflict between the CIA and Britain’s MI6 over the missing agent Diane “The Huntress” Sterling. Jack Trellis, Deputy Director of the CIA fears that Diane has been passed information that could expose his greatest Cold War secret – Operation Osiris. This Clandestine Operation was initiated by Trellis and his double agent Erasmus, embedded deep within the East German Stasi. The storyline is intertwined with actual real-world events including the post-World War II creation of the East German State, the rise of its Stasi Security Service and its ultimate fall of the Berlin Wal and the Stasi’s repressive tactics. This series is known for its thrilling storylines, its expressively written descriptive passages, and an array of colorful and memorable characters. New book. Autographed by the author. Published by Outskirts Press Inc.; Copyright 2018.

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