Weapons of the Waffen SS (Battlegear) (Hardcover) by David Fleming


The Waffen (or armed) SS was initially raised solely for the protection of Adolf Hitler, but during the course of World War II it developed into one of the most effective armored spearheads available to the Wehrmacht, gaining a spectacular series of victories in France, the Balkans, and the Soviet Union. This book examines the weapons, uniforms, and equipment of the Waffen SS and describes how they contributed to success on the battlefield. Complementing an authoritative narrative text will be full details and specifications of the weapons and equipment used by this elite organization, ranging from the 98k rifle to the awesome power of the 70-ton Tiger II tank. About the Author:David Fleming is a military author who has written extensively on World War II. He has previously published works on the Waffen SS, Nazi Germany’s Blitzkrieg operations, and the desert campaign in North Africa. Features: , Full-color photography of guns and artifacts actually used by Waffen SS soldiers during World War II, with full technical descriptions and specifications. , Rare black-and-white wartime photography illustrating the SS in action on all fronts. , Authoritative text exploring key aspects of the military hard wear used by the infamous force.

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