Wolfgang Falck: Father of the Night Fighters Apr 1, 2002 by Wolfgang Falck


An autobiography by Wolfgang Falck, Father of the Luftwaffe Night Fighters, who found himself in the most unique position when German Luftwaffe high command decided to form a night fighter force. Because of his leadership capabilities and knowledge of military tactics plus the fact that he was a very capable fighter pilot, Falck was selected to create the Nachtjagd. Known affectionately by his men as the Father of the Night Fighters, he continues to wear this mantle, to this day. Falck provides the reader with a fascinating behind the scenes personal view of the life in the leadership of the German Luftwaffe; its successes, its operations and failures, the interrelationship of personalities involved and ultimately the end of WWII. Wolf brings the reader upfront and personal view of his experiences in the last desperate days, through his post war survival and happy retirement after working in the aerospace industry. Over 250 photos, plus full color aircraft profiles of Falck s Me 110s by Thomas A. Tullis

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