World War II, A Complete Photographic History by Hal Buell


WORLD WAR II: A COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY presents a simultaneous documentary view of every theatre of the war, from the steppes of Russia to the jungles of Malaysia and the Solomons; from the freezing cold of the northernmost fjords to the scorching sands of the Libyan desert; from the bunkers of the West Wall to the boundless oceans. With more than 2,500 photographs and maps and an unprecedented collection of primary source texts, this monumental volume bears witness from September 1, 1939, to September 2, 1945. This massive chronicle is the cumulative diary, day by day, front by front, of the military and political events of those years. It is a work that makes clear what happened then, and much of what has happened since. WORLD WAR II: A COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY provides vivid and immediate evidence of the war as it was: the misery and glory of men involved in a tragedy that brought out the worst in them, yet which sometimes inspired them to remarkable acts of nobility, chivalry, and brotherhood.

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