World War II: Personal Accounts : Pearl Harbor to V-J Day (Paperback) by Gary A. Yarrington


Former curator for the LBJ Presidential Library has provided a wonderful book of personal accounts of some of those who we fondly all and remember as “The Greatest Generation”. Of course, being the daughter-in-law of one of the individuals included doesn’t cause any bias. And, that the Purple Heart on the cover is one of two that he received doesn’t make me want to bust with pride either. Comparing what this generation did for our country makes me wonder what THEY think when they compare their personal sacrifices only to see today’s government officials collecting pay while they play games that are causing severe negative results to the people they were put in office to represent. Even the German and American forces called for a cease fire on December 24th and mingled with one another. I was told it was awfully hard to go back the next day and fire on those you spoke with the night before. Maybe it’s a lesson for Washington D.C.

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