The Yelling Boys (Hardcover) by Russell B. Sorrells


Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Finally in position, Colonel Cleveland shouted, “Yonder is your enemy, and the enemy of mankind! Shout like hell, and fight like devils!” We gave the war-whoop and charged up the hill, taking cover behind trees, logs, rocks, and sometimes bushes if nothing better would avail itself. The air seemed to be full of bullets. One grazed my ribs as it passed through my hunting shirt, and another took a nick out of my rifle stock. Bark was knocked off both sides of the big elm tree I was behind, and bits of bark kept flying into my eyes. The battle raged all around the mountain, which appeared volcanic. There flashed along the summit, and around its base and up its sides, one long sulfurous blaze. The sound of two thousand rifles sounded like a continuous clap of thunder.

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