Yes! Yes! God Says Yes! by Judy Sanderson Perrin


Author Judy Perrin invites readers to come and gain new wisdom in God’s kingdom. She uses deeply personal stories and biblical truths to excite readers about their faith.

Journeying through dramatized scriptures, readers will travel through the Bible’s Jewish roots, and then take a turn towards Christianity. They will explore allegories and hidden shadows, discover metaphoric parallels and previews, and unravel prophetic events and long-lost secrets hidden in the Bible through this easy to understand biblical account.

“Do you ever wonder ‘how do I call on God, how should I pray?’ ” asks Perrin. “Do you long to see great and mighty works of God happen in your life? If your heart cries yes, grab your Bible and come along.”

Readers will further learn to trade in their complacency, and instead learn how to call on God and see His great and mighty works.

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