The Store

Acworth Bookstore and Coffee shop is dedicated to local history from the Civil War through current military history, with rare and unique references and resources you won’t find anywhere else!

You’ll discover everything from the Civil War figurines to the Wright Flyer to the WW II Zero Fighter, from some of America’s best manufacturers, such as Showcase Airplane Co., Hobby Master, The Franklin Mint, Blue Box Industries, Corgi and more…

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware now offers an expanded line of cast iron cookware for America’s kitchens—Dutch ovens, the largest selection of cast iron skillets on the market, deep fryers, country kettles and more. When cooking outdoors, Lodge Cast Iron goes too, with camp Dutch ovens, griddles, combo cookers and grills of unparalleled quality.

Cookbooks:  Whether you’re a gourmet cook or just beginning, we have the book for you. Here are just a couple of examples of what we have in stock at the Acworth Bookstore: “Deliciously Southern” dishes up a helping of tried and true Southern recipes. “Second Helpings” by local restaurateur Johnnie Gabriel, the “queen of down-home dining”.